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How do I quickly create Greetabl gifts for multiple people?

Quickly duplicate and edit orders.

To use our Duplicate feature, go to our website and build the Greetabl gift you plan to send. When completed, add the Greetabl gift to your cart. In your cart, you'll see the built Greetabl gift, and underneath, there will be a "Duplicate" button. If you hit that button, it will create an identical copy of the original gift. You can select the duplicate button as many times as necessary to create your order. Here's an example: https://cl.ly/019ce13a525b

We've also made editing duplicate orders really simple! If you need to adjust any part of the message – maybe change the first name to be personalized for each recipient – simply click "Edit Message" in the cart screen and update your message. Make sure to hit "Save" when complete to ensure everything saves. Here's an example: https://cl.ly/fd6aa66b9189

Last but not least, you may edit the print, gift item, or photos in the Greetabl gift after duplicating. Simply click "Edit Order" and you'll be taken back to the builder. Move through the builder, making any changes you'd like, then add the item to your cart to save the updates. Here's an example: https://cl.ly/d5a1f8387a52